21 May 2019


Zvilnik / Emperor Phunk / Northern Sports Club

Zvilnik / Emperor Phunk / Northern Sports Club

We are Zvilnik, and…

We are back, you lovely little larvae! Did you miss us? We’ve used our hiatus constructively, including writing new songs and at least one member of the band emitting a baby from her downunders.

We don’t know who else is on the bill yet, we don’t know much really – we know we’ll be in attendance and making the noises that we make. You should be there also. That’s fuckin’ teamwork.


Emperor Phunk

5-piece Funk Rock Band – Manchester

Spotify: Emperor Phunk—-> https://open.spotify.com/album/1Eyi9hyhlqRscyI2XUTJSD
Twitter: @emperor_phunk
Instagram: @emperorphunk

Northern Sports Club

Exciting, eclectic and genre blurring band from the Ribble Valley.
Fusing Funk, Rock, Hip Hop and Jazz.
Skill full rapping and soulful Female Vocals.
Always brings a bouncing party stage show, not to be missed!