19 June 2019


Halloween Show - Dollymops / Poly-Math / Tayne / All Hail Hyena

Halloween Show - Dollymops / Poly-Math / Tayne / All Hail Hyena

The Dollymops Halloween Extravaganza!!!!


Dollymops are an experimental punk outfit from the north west of England. Blending a vicious mix of trebly riffs and ferocious bass lines, combined with ear bleeding drums, they deliver an unforgettable performance. 

Live they explode on stage causing an intense mix of energy and power. Their infectious riffs and cutting lyrics, mixed with high vibrato screams create a melting pot of mayhem. 

Dollymops are a truly unique and inspiring act. They’re a punk-rock racket, impossibly lean and utterly without mercy.

“Suburb, a truly original sound” 
– Hugh Stevens (Radio One Introducing)

“Have a listen to the excellent ‘There’s a Car Crash Between us’ and there’s a high likelihood you’ll get excited” 
– Artrocker

“What a genius record, its extreme, wild, ragged and huge fun”
– Tom Robinson (Radio 6 introducing)


Polymath make densely layered, off kilter instrumental Math-Rock that leans on the heavier elements of the genre reminiscent of early Battles, The Mars Volta, and ASIWYFA. Polymath seek out new levels of complexity in their music whilst never straying too far from a neatly arranged composition.


TAYNE is a London based Experimental, Noise, Pop outfit by Matthew Sutton.
TAYNE’s music is an aural assault that weld moody, atmospheric vocals, 
punishing guitars and overwhelming electronics, to pulsating rhythms that create an intense listening.


ALL HAIL HYENA! began in the Summer of 2015 and have been likened to Cage The Elephant, Brainiac, Ben Gibbard, Grandaddy, early Biffy Clyro, Superdrag and The Pixies. They publish their own limited edition Hyenazine. Live shows are intense, colourful and exciting. They were invited to play Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester in 2016.
They blast out well-crafted frenetic psych-pop frenzies, intersected with melodic brilliance, punctuated by attitude and melting into rapture. A seething mass of unpredictability which will leave your brain reeling like a fish on a hook. Their tunes are fresh, energetic and object to convention.
Mesmerising live shows, jaw dropping visuals’ and once witnessed, the viewer knows that they ‘have been Hyena’d’
Astounding and clever key changes and riffs supported by a thumping and rhythmic bass and seismic drums from a 3 piece with attitude.

Their most recent EP ‘S T I C K € R S’ was recorded at The Grand Studios, Clitheroe and engineered by Tom Peters from Alpha Male Tea Party. It is currently looking for a release.