17 September 2019

Guy Faux | With Streaming Grace/La French/Polypores

Guy Faux | With Streaming Grace/La French/Polypores

The Ferret brings you Guy Faux (otherwise known as the fantastic Chris McKendrick) brings you a plethora of loop pedals, and his cracking guitar playing.

Supporting him is the new Streaming Grace (Lewis Hill & Kerry Carroll), straight off the back end of their Debut show, they’re jumping onto our stage!

La French (Luke French) is a Preston based producer/multi instrumentalist.

His music consists of ambient guitar textures, sweeping synths and deep beats.

An eclectic range of influences from Steve Reich to Flying Lotus his live set combines a mosaic of dreamy atmosphere with wistful melodies.

His debut self titled EP was released October 2018 on Preston experimental label Concrète.

Listen here



And Lastyly!

Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley)makes cosmic sleep music, sci-fi soundtracks and haunted drones with synthesizers.Electronic Sound magazine wrote “his music seems to seep up from the soil, from in amongst the nooks and crannies, before grasping towards wide and starrry skies.From this claustrophobic murk, Buckley is always able to summon sections of soaring sonic flabbergast”.

Polypores has had sold-out releases on Front & Follow, Polytechnic Youth, KiNETiK Records, Concréte Tapes, and A Year In The Country, as well as under various pseudonyms via Spun Out Of Control and Reverb Worship. His forthcoming album “Flora” will be out in July via Castles In Space. This summer he will perform at the Subliminal Impulse Festival in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and the Delaware Road event, in a military bunker in Salisbury.


Bandcamp: https://polypores.bandcamp.com

Twitter: @stephenjbuckley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polypores/
Doors 8:30PM
Free Entry

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