10 December 2018


Breaking Waves / Velveteen / Zvilnik

Breaking Waves / Velveteen / Zvilnik

An all Preston affair. 

Breaking Waves

Innovative live & in the studio, we create the sound of a four-piece band, which is a spectacle to see/hear live & is equally as impressive on record.

A Guitar/Bass & Drum duo from the North West of England with songs & a sound that not only separates us from other duo’s but other bands. Our sound has been described as Alt Rock/Indie/Dance/Funk (all styles we happily take influence from) but we see ourselves simply as a Rock duo.
Originally a Bass & Drum duo created by Phil Ireland & featured Adam Darwen on drums, the sound has naturally evolved into the range of a full 4 piece band, especially now Peat Hicks is back hitting the skins as the bands full time drummer. Peat & Phil played together for 5 years in our previous band (Exit State) as Bassist & Drummer, which creates a metronomic groove/ rhythm section connection like no other.

Together we have impressive musical accolades under our belts, playing alongside Mallory Knox/Michael Schenker/Gun/Reckless Love/Marseille & touring all over the UK & Europe in venues such as The Ritz Manchester/02 Arena Glasgow/Shepard’s Bush Empire! also recently hosting a gig at the 02 academy Islington & have become regulars at Londons 229 venue!

Explosive & High Energy performers live, with a sound that matches our recorded material & a great imagination for music videos, check out our YouTube channel to hear & see more at www.youtube.com/breakingwavesband & our music & make up your own mind….


Velveteen take the varied influences of their five members and fuse them together to make an indie rock band with dynamic musical textures floating between ambient and stadium sounds, they achieve dramatic chorale melodies with hooks you’ll be humming for days.








The north-west’s premier sci-fi prog surf cabaret rock band, Zvilnik draw in influences from eastern Europe, the West End and low grade horror movies to create a sound like no other. This sinister yet welcoming four-piece will give you a sound that is at once familiar and strange to your ears, straight out of a murderous alternate Broadway. Expect weird science, unnecessary surgery, robots, dinosaurs, and more in a Zvilnik show.

“Zvilnik are a rare commodity these days. Too jovial for the poe-faced indie elite. Too ‘musical’ for the novelty crowd. They don’t quite fit in. And they never should. By being different, Zvilnik revel in the weird, the unique and the sublime. Go download the EP now for free at their Band Camp.”
– thismusicsoundsbetter.com

“One of the great joys of covering the independent scene is seeing things that aren’t part of the homogenised status quo, and that either incorporates music that provides something palpably real, or on the converse, something that’s so thoroughly out there one is surprised that when the elements are mixed together, they end up forming something very special. Such is the case of Zvilnik.” – Ark Magazine